About the Role of Honor

The Order of Green Knights find their members to be extremely important. Our guiding principle of Fellowship indicates that we remember and acknowledge contributions made to our Guild, large or small. Our Role of Honor acts as a form of history for the Green Knights and forms part of our Guild memory and one place to properly recognise those who have made our Guild a great place to be.

This list was last updated on 15 January 2005.

If you spot any errors or omissions, or merely have comments on our Role of Honor, please drop us a message on our forums.

Name Race Class Artisan Class First Joined Highest Guild Rank Accolades
Zenytia Half Elf Warden Alchemist Nov 13, 2004 Leader  
Sneepy Kerra Bard Scholar Nov 13, 2004 Leader  
Sleet Gnome Enchanter   Nov 13, 2004 Leader  
Moab Heavymetal Dwarf Guardian Outfitter Nov 13, 2004 Leader  
Liwen Human Conjurer Scholar Nov 13, 2004 Member  
Munk Gnome Monk   Nov 13, 2004 Officer  
Mxyz Oldmaninoz Human Swashbuckler Scholar Nov 13, 2004 Officer  
Lanikai High Elf Crusader   Nov 15, 2004 Member  
Bolthiel Wood Elf Druid     Officer  
Mikloshe Fearless Half Elf Ranger Craftsman Nov 19, 2004 Leader  
Nenmaten Gnome Wizard   Nov 20, 2004 Member  
Voleta Owiepie Gnome Berzerker Provisioner Nov 20, 2004 Member  
Starmyst Friendofshanahan High Elf Templar Craftsman Nov 21, 2004 Leader  
Dublin Dwarf Templar     Member  
Tourmaline Kerra Shaman Scholar Nov 26, 2004 Member  
Sragha Kerra Warrior   Nov 27, 2004 Member  
Ilio High Elf Summoner   Nov 27, 2004 Member  
Hikari High Elf Predator Woodworker Nov 28, 2004 Member  
Chadyr Erudite Sorcerer Scholar Nov 29, 2004 Member  
Blinkey Dwarf Warrior   Nov 30, 2004 Officer  
Bryanna Erudite Wizard   Dec 3, 2004 Member  
Qanlayen High Elf Mage   Dec 5, 2004 Recruit  
Gormengast Shardik Halfling Mystic   Dec 5, 2004 Member  
Slytheran Barbarian Crusader   Dec 6, 2004 Member  
Dexterbozo Kerra Predator   Dec 6, 2004 Member  
Dagain Kerra Brawler   Dec 7, 2004 Recruit  
Zenyria Half Elf Druid   Dec 10, 2004 Member  
Sheklen High Elf Paladin   Dec 10, 2004 Member  
Tharin Dwarf Templar Outfitter Dec 10, 2004 Member  
Aryalla Wood Elf Rogue   Dec 12, 2004 Member  
Squeekie Ratonga Bard   Dec 13, 2004 Member  
Misha Moonblade Wood Elf Swashbuckler Scholar Dec 20, 2004 Member  
Kristyy Gnome Brawler   Dec 20, 2004 Member  
Naoa Erudite Cleric   Dec 22, 2004 Member  
Darkduck Wood Elf Druid   Dec 23, 2004 Member  
Yamato Wood Elf Scout   Dec 24, 2004 Member  
Tuctuc Kerra Berserker   Dec 28, 2004 Member  
Masterneo Human Warrior   Dec 29, 2004 Recruit  
Sheezall Wood Elf Druid   Dec 30, 2004 Recruit  
Ghaandolff High Elf Summoner   Dec 30, 2004 Recruit  
Shanaya High Elf Sorcerer   Dec 30, 2004 Recruit  
Shellie Barbarian Shaman   Dec 30, 2004 Recruit  
Chonan Barbarian Warrior   Dec 30, 2004 Recruit  
Rensushi High Elf Fighter Outfitter Dec 30, 2004 Member  
Symphony Human Bard   Dec 31, 2004 Member  
Meelusaru Gnollbane Dark Elf Predator   Jan 7, 2005 Officer  
Druaxia Dark Elf Enchanter   Jan 7, 2005 Member  
Dendaan Wood Elf Predator   Jan 8, 2005 Member  
Thelonious Kerra Fighter   Jan 9, 2005 Recruit  
Supersayia Dwarf Crusader Outfitter Jan 13, 2005 Member  
Dathael Erudite Mage Scholar Jan 16, 2005 Member  


The list was started on Jan 9, 2005 and so may miss a few people who joined and left the Guild within the first couple of months.

Crafters who only have the rank of "Artisan" do not have that class listed.

First Join Date is the date when that character originally joined the Guild. If the character leaves and subsequently rejoins then that date remains.

Characters remain on this list merely for being a Green Knight at one point. Only disgraced Knights are removed from this list.